Useful Links

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The Times: click here
The Guardian: click here


Classic Poems & Plays: click here
British Library: clickhere
Shakespeare: click here

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Oxford Dictionary: click here
Roger's Thesaurus: click here

Writing for Youngsters

Young Writer's Club: click here

Other Useful Sites

The Virtual Teacher Centre: click here
British Educational Communications and Technology Agency: click here
Teacher grid uk: click here
Economist Intelligence Unit: click here
Library and Information Commission: click here
New Opportunities Fund: website in development
Teacher Training Agency: click here

The AccessArt Website:click here
Teachers Online Project(TOP):click here


10 Downing Street: click here
The British Council: click here
British Elections and Politics: click here
British Standards Institute: click here
Central Office of Information: click here
Citizens Advice Bureau: click here
Commission for Racial Equality: click here
Department for Education and Employment: click here
Department of Education Northern Ireland: click here
Disability Discrimination Act: click here
Employment Services Northern Region: click here
English Heritage: click here
Environment Agency: click here
Health and Safety Executive: click here
House of Commons:
Office for National Statistics: click here
Office for Standards in Education: click here
The Parliamentary Channel:
Police Services of the UK: clickhere
Prison Service: Psychology: clickhere
Public Record Office: clickhere
School and College Performance Tales: clickhere
School Curriculum and Assessment Authority: clickhere
Scottish Office: clickhere
Secretary of State for Education and Employment: clickhere
Social Indicators of Development: clickhere
Stationery Office Books: clickhere
Statistical Office of the European Commission: clickhere clickhere
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