How To Plan Your Visit to BETT 2002

BETT's expansion into the National Hall is exciting news - it means that the Show has grown with more exhibiting companies to see and special features to visit than ever before.

To get the most out of your visit to the world's biggest educational technology show it makes sense to do a little homework in advance by pre-planning your visit. Visiting an exhibition as large as BETT can seem a little daunting so here follows some helpful advice on how to make your visit to BETT as worthwhile as possible.

 Pre-register - getting your badge sorted out in advance means less queueing on the day. It also ensures that the organisers will send you information about exhibiting companies and what they are showing, which saves you immeasurable time and energy as you can pre-plan your visit.

 This Website has the most up-to-date information on BETT events, exhibitors and special features. The site is constantly being updated and allows potential visitors the chance to search for solutions by company, product, level of education, subject or a combination of all these.

 Make the BETT Show an INSET day so that everyone can attend. With over 400 exhibitors represented and more than 100 seminars and workshops it is not physically possible for one person to see all that is available and make qualified, informed purchasing decisions for their educational establishment. Using the Show as part of INSET is an efficient way for the entire teaching staff to bring themselves up-to-date on the latest issues of the day and see the latest products and services on show.

 Once at the Show, make use of facilities such as information stands, interest trails and designated villages and zones. These facilities have been designed so that you can find what you are looking for as easily and as quickly as possible. Visitors can pick up leaflets about interest trails for Special Needs, Further and Higher Education, Internet and Export from information stands located at the Show's entrance. The trails highlight the exhibitors offering products and services relevant to these areas and indicate appropriate seminars.

 You might like to begin your visit at the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) information stand where you can view the Show on screen or get a computerised print-out of companies and stand numbers that are of interest to you. Visitors can also collect a free copy of the brand new BESAbook 2002 the UK education and training services guide.

 At various points around the exhibition is BETTnet, a series of public access computers which show what's happening at the event. Visitors can use BETTnet to email colleagues, access the Internet, watch the official presentations of the BETT Awards and catch up on Keynote Presentations.

 At BETT you will find dedicated villages, zones and feature areas where companies supplying products in similar areas are grouped together. The areas covered include an expanded Special Needs Village, Publishing Zone, Software Centre and Library Resource Centre. New feature areas in the National Hall include: 'Policy in Practice' - where the DfEE, BECTa, TTA and QCA will unite to provide guidance and advice. 'Future Skills' a national heat of a design, make and race model car competition, and 'Learning Futures', an area dedicated to high-end technological developments including robotics, cybernetics and immersive virtual technologies.

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